Thanksgiving – All About the Food

Thanksgiving Cupcakes - Rustic or Contemporary?

Coming up with different thanksgiving cupcake recipes every year really isn't that hard, is it? The internet is filled with colorful, delicious thanksgiving cupcake ideas and ways to decorate your cupcakes with a thanksgiving theme. Your hardest decision should be which cake base to go with - plain vanilla, carrot cake or perhaps hummingbird cake?

My favorite is definitely a carrot cake base for my cupcakes but this year I am going to change that up and surprise my guests with hummingbird cupcakes decorated in a thanksgiving theme, of course.

Thanksgiving means lots of things to different folks. In the USA, it is a day we reserve to appreciate all the things we have and to enjoy an exceptional dinner feast with our family and friends. Some then spend the afternoon watching the football on the TV.

In other locations of the country, people will enjoy their delicious lunch and then spend the afternoon together playing board and video games, touch football, or any variety of other mutually enjoyable team games enjoyed by the young and old alike.

What to Cook? 

To be the person charged with preparing and serving such an important meal comes the annual dilemma - what to serve, how many will be seated and how to impress and feed everybody until they cannot eat another mouthful. So, back to the hardest task, deciding what will be on the menu.

Some people choose to be incredibly adventurous while others play it safe and stick closer to those traditions their Mother taught them all those years ago. There is always so much food at Thanksgiving and so many delectable possibilities, it remains most important to put together a balanced menu that is carefully paced.

Here is a video that may shock some due to the number of packaged items, but everyone has different constraints.  If you're short on time for whatever reason, you'll love the simplicity.



Preparation Tips

Here are some basic things you should remember:

  1. Bear in mind the capacity of your oven, stove and serving platters, and select those recipes that match accordingly.

  2. Keep the hors d’oeuvres light, with maybe one extravagant one thrown in. Leave the cheese platter in the cupboard.

  3. Try not to repeat ingredients in your menu.

  4. Be sure to choose some recipes that can be prepared days in advance.

  5. Your turkey should be sufficient to feed your guests but still leave plenty of leftovers.

Here are a couple of clever strategy ideas and techniques that ought to assist make your Thanksgiving dinner preparation go a little more efficiently.

Most of all, plan as far ahead as you can and make sure you have all the necessary ingredients you require and any unique menu items that might be needed well ahead of time remembering however to permit optimum freshness.

If you have to wait up until the day before to obtain a few items on your shopping list, then doing this as early in the day as possible is another special tip. Otherwise make a point of getting all the non-perishable active ingredients that are needed a week ahead of time if you possibly can.

If you are going to buy a smoked turkey or something along those lines do so far enough in advance that you have no doubt at all that your order will certainly be filled on time.

Catering Is Smart Sometimes

Secondly, if you can afford it, have something made for you as long as it doesn't spoil your sense of pride in doing this. Some people pride themselves on preparing everything whereas others simply don't have enough hours in the day; perhaps working a full-time job at the same time.

You do not need to have everything catered however having a couple of products catered will certainly leave your day much less stressed making the chance of something going wrong a little bit lower than if you were stuffing everything into one early morning and doing it all yourself.

Bread from the bakeshop, smoked ham or turkey, and particular preferred side meals that are complex and time consuming along with some pies are a terrific buy and conserve a great deal of time that would be much better invested taking pleasure in the day.

"Can I Help You With Anything?"

Thirdly, when offered, accept help from your family and friends. There is definitely nothing wrong allowing your Mum or your Sister or Brother to assist with the slicing, cleaning, or blending that should occur in order for the dinner to go off without a drawback.

The important thing is that while individuals commonly do not mind assisting they hesitate to push the point for worry of appearing to suggest that you aren't doing well enough by yourself. There is certainly no damage done in accepting help particularly amongst loved ones.


Pets & Thanksgiving

And finally, keep your pets outside or locked away from the celebrations; more particularly for the safety of the food. Pets are family, too, but on special occasions, with a lot going on, it is best for you and them to be out of harms way.

It is a simple fact that the majority of your visitors will dislike them in the household, especially at the table, but perhaps be so gracious not to say so. 

The most essential aspect of your Thanksgiving dinner is that you are not so stressed from the prep work that you do not have the time to relax and enjoy it.

Hopefully, the above has provided you with some "food" for thought.  Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!