Here are some of our favorite cupcake recipes. Results may vary as everyone has different levels of experience.

The more practice you get baking these recipes the better you will become.

Try different ways of doing things until you find the method that gives you the best, consistent results every time.

Vanilla cupcakes are the basis of most cupcake creations. However, there are many variations including chocolate, carrot, lemon, etc. Simply add the flavor of your choice or go with the people's choice - Vanilla Cupcake - and then decorate it in any theme you choose. Delicious cupcakes are only an hour away. Read More »
There is nothing better than sitting down in the afternoon with a cup of tea and a moist Apple Banana Cupcake. These cupcakes are a personal favorite and always delicious from the first in a batch to the last. Decorate with a swirl of banana flavored frosting sprinkled with a dusting of nutmeg or cinnamon to taste. Read More »
You don't need Valentine's Day to enjoy a batch of delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes. These beautiful looking cupcakes can be enjoyed all year round and simply decorate them to suit the special occasion. Strawberries or raspberries are simply a match made in heaven and can be left whole or sliced to put atop the vanilla frosting. Dust with fine sugar powder to finish the effect. Read More »
Made in heaven? No, your very own kitchen. These Angel Food Cupcakes will become a family favorite from the very first batch. They are soft, light and delicious. Decorate them with vanilla or strawberry flavored frosting and add some strawberries or raspberries and they won't last very long. You will be very popular with family and friends if you serve a batch a beautifully decorated Angel Food Cupcakes at your next special occasion. Read More »
This is easily my favorite cupcake for any occasion. They are so moist and delicious that I cannot stop at just one. Carrot Cake Cupcakes have become as popular as their cake counterpart and no wonder, they are so delicious. Decorate with cream cheese frosting and carrot shapes or chopped walnuts - either will be complimentary and look terrific. Read More »
Oooh! Chocolate - how delectably, self-indulgent and so good for the soul. These cupcakes are not going to last long so make sure after you bake and decorate them that you put one (or two) aside to keep for yourself. Hide them carefully because if found, they're gone! Decorated with shards of deep, dark chocolate, make these cupcakes an all time favorite. Read More »
Pink Lemonade Cupcakes are ideal for a little girl's birthday party. They're pretty and lift the fun level of your party table decorations. But they will compliment any special occasion as they are super moist and delicious. You can decorate simply using pink frosting and some candy sprinkles but make sure to add a little straw - they are pink lemonade cupcakes after all! Read More »
Have we talked about delicious and indulgent here yet? Well, now is the time. These Chocolate Cream-Filled Cupcakes are simply the most mouth watering, soft, moist, tempting, diet-breaking cupcakes you will ever bake. Never mind about having one because that will simply not do and you must prepare yourself for at least two; if not three in a sitting. Oh, so lovely! Read More »
Whenever I hear about blueberries in cakes or muffins, I pay attention because they're usually moist and delicious. This recipe is no different. Moist, full of flavor and scrumptious, these will not last very long on your table. Be sure to put one or two in a secret place for your own eating pleasure when all your guests have gone home. You deserve it! Read More »
A blueberry cupcake is delicious on its own. But add some cream cheese frosting and flavor that with lime and you have another dimension to deliciousness! Be sure to put one or two away for your own eating pleasure when all your guests have gone home. This frosting may need extra confectioners’ sugar if a little thin to start with. It needs to be a certain consistency to pipe onto the cupcakes - not too thin. Read More »
What is a Minion? The recent Universal Pictures movie starring the voices of Sandra Bullock, Michael Keaton and narrated by Geoffrey Rush sees the Minions evolving from single-celled yellow organisms at the dawn of time. Minions live to serve, but find themselves working for a continual series of unsuccessful masters, from T. Rex to Napoleon. Without a master, the Minions fall into a deep depression. Here we have the perfect remedy - a Cupcake, a Cupcake, a Minion Cupcake! Read More »