Baking vs Buying A Cupcake

OK, so you have offered to provide some cupcakes for an upcoming special occasion and now it’s time to decide whether you buy them or make them yourself?

Generally when people consider providing cupcakes for a special occasion, they will consider whether to buy from a cake shop or bake them themselves. The decision is usually based on how much time they have before the cupcakes are required on the table.

the-cake-shopIf you decided to buy them from the local cake shop or supermarket then that decision is relatively easy and all you need to do is pick them up a day or so before they are required.

Baking them yourself requires a lot more planning and preparation but the rewards are greater and personally I always try to give myself the time to bake and decorate some special cupcakes myself.

We will explore the process to baking those cupcakes successfully.

No Time to Bake - So Go Out & Buy 

Before deciding to bake the cupcakes, you should figure out and confirm that you have the time to prepare and bake the cupcakes – you would at least need an afternoon or 2-3 hours set aside.

Before baking the cupcakes for the first time, it makes sense to learn from someone who has already done this before and follow their steps. You should find someone that is doing exactly what you want to do. Then consider if you can mirror what they do each step of the way. This is a good starting point. Here are questions you need to ask yourself:

Do you enjoy preparing your own food?

Have you ever wanted to prove you could produce something as good as a professional pastry chef?

Do you enjoy looking at what you have produced with your own hands and feeling proud of yourself?

Comfort Zone? - Blah! Let's Bake

Ideally, you responded "yes" to these specific questions. Then undoubtedly the decision to bake yourself is a good activity for you. Good on you for stepping outside your comfort zone and growing in an unfamiliar area of expertise. You will realise your ambition sooner than you think and you should stay positive and don’t feel discouraged just because it doesn’t go to plan the first time.

Here are some suggestions to encourage you to get started:

-- Selecting a design

Selecting a design by looking through specialty books or online images is a good place to start. However, if you have a specific occasion you are baking for then that makes selecting a design easier when it's time to start preparations to bake those cupcakes.  Once you have selected your design you can then move on to the next step in the process.

-- Choosing a recipe

Choosing a recipe goes hand in hand with the design and is vital to your overall success. Usually your design will be found in a recipe book or online article with the associated recipe, however, sometimes you will see a design without a recipe and you must decide which cake mix you want to use to complete that design.

-- Gathering ingredients

Gathering ingredients is your next step and you should follow the recipe you have chosen carefully.


Home Baking – Who Does it Anymore?

In the event you have thoughts about baking those cupcakes yourself for the very first time, you will have a life-changing road ahead. If this was easy, anyone would do it. Many people who choose to bake anything themselves rather than pick it up from the supermarket are starting out on a very satisfying experience. 

Sadly, most people fail to repeat the experience and fall back into their habitual easy-way-out methods.

So now, what things do we know? Basically we know baking a cupcake is no easy task like buying a cupcake from a cake shop. Baking a cupcake requires you to be determined, independent, and seeking self-satisfaction. Now we will move on to what you actually need to make it happen.

You asked these questions and looked within yourself to see if you possess exactly what is necessary to take on an extra area of home baking. And you have done a good deal to plan. Many people who have failed did so because they all were not totally prepared in the first place.

Through seeing if you had what it takes to bake a cupcake in advance, you would have invested your mind into moving forward.

Do You Enjoy Preparing Your Own Food?

You had previously asked yourself: "Do you enjoy preparing your own food?" Rationally, you had to ask yourself this question. People who answered no to this will remain incapable to take one action to bake anything themselves.

Additionally make sure you have the drive that home baking would need. Do you enjoy preparing your own food? There may be a huge difference between believing something is a positive idea and actually doing it. Unquestionably, the easiest way forward is to just do it – start baking and who cares if you fail a few times?  Gather that inner willpower and get it done – move forward.

For as long as cooking at home and baking has been around, the people who had done so productively had one main thing in common. Such people appreciated exactly what was involved, and were ready to tackle it head on. What could we take from this? If you are ready to bake more at home, you'd be prepared to triumph over this challenge, and no one can stop you!

I Made That!

The self-satisfaction you get from preparing and serving your own food is immense. To sit back and say, “I made that”, is a tremendous feeling and the more we move away from home cooking the more those who choose to do it will stand ahead of those that don’t.

Just know, you can shine in an activity that is so individual and so pleasurable that all your efforts will be rewarded and you will stand out from the pack.

Every time your mind convinces you that home baking is unfeasible, just consider that someone who is cooking at home will sail past the negativity and keep their eyes on success and those feelings of individual victory and accomplishment. Let's explore what is necessary to prevail now that our thoughts are where we need them to be!

Baking A Batch of Cupcakes - Changing Habits

Home baking these days is infrequently seen as a way of life. However, it is something which you can incorporate in your lifestyle in numerous ways.

Every time you look at home baking as a choice as opposed to going to the supermarket, you will find it easier to adopt the habits that contributes to success. The modification in your routine has a relevant purpose beyond realizing a single goal.

To accomplish your goal, you might need to alter the way you think. Basically there's a definitive way of thinking that individuals who might choose to home bake would have. Firstly, a person who might cook at home should be unquestionably determined. This would be an example of a virtue which may impact other areas in your life.

The fact is that home baking and reorganizing your lifestyle to do it helps you in other areas of your life. This would be undeniable after you start cooking at home more often and for the majority of your meals. Things such as selecting a design, choosing a recipe, and gathering ingredients all require skills which you should use in other areas of life. Baking a cupcake provides numerous useful skills, before and after you accomplish your goals.

If you think back to where we initially started the process of baking those cupcakes, you may recall being offered three questions:

  • Do you enjoy preparing your own food?
  • Have you ever wanted to prove you could produce something as good as a professional pastry chef?
  • Do you enjoy looking at what you have produced with your own hands and feeling proud of yourself?

These specific questions were all relating to the kind of feelings you could experience. Had you replied "yes" to these three questions presented above, you were not just saying you had what it takes to bake those cupcakes, but also you were reaffirming the life that you lead or want to lead.

Easy? No! - Satisfying? Yes!

Absolutely no one ever said that home baking or baking a batch of cupcakes would be easy, and certainly no one ever will. Baking those cupcakes will give you hundreds of benefits and skills to apply in life.

Always remember, it will entail some energy to get there. So let’s get on with it and gather all those ingredients and utensils you’ll need to bake your first batch of delicious cupcakes!

Congratulations for committing to that initial step forward toward your new creativity!